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Hi, I'm L'Tomay

LTomay Varlack-Butler, a first-generation Ph.D. candidate, Author and Director of Restorative Equity & Racial Justice at Worth Justice, is an accomplished restorative equity educator, executive coach, and social worker. As the founder of Brand Me Beautiful®️ Inc, I dedicate myself to empowering survivors, women, and girls to counter disempowering beliefs and working with them to reclaim their sacred self, embrace their power, and expand their wealth.

Surviving multi-traumas, I've navigated a transformative journey, which involved:

  • Discovering the truth about myself,

  • Embracing my identity,

  • Appreciating all my experiences, and

  • Reframing my focus towards health and wellness.

My global advocacy spans from Haiti to South Africa, implementing restorative practices and championing women's rights and inclusive pedagogy. Recognized by media outlets like Capital B News, Teen Vogue and WPIX, my work passionately supports marginalized groups and aims to heal humanity one individual at a time. I believe in the power of self-reflection, which I combine with art, mindfulness, spirituality, and storytelling. This holistic approach is integral to my healing methodology. Beyond my professional endeavors, I am a mother, grandmother, wife, woman of faith, and an advocate for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide.

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"Honoring the power of your voice, hearing the narratives of others, and healing from historical harm is the restorative pathway that takes us from rage to redemption. It is essential to finding soul justice."


In the beginning

Although I couldn’t finish, I attended Music & Arts performing arts school as a vocal major and every now and again; I still like to sing.

I have experienced raising my son as a single mother and divorcing my daughter’s father. I can recall how devastating the divorce was for me; it felt like a part of me died.

All my experiences have taught me how difficult it is to continue on an arduous journey,  especially when life, people, and situations leave us wearing labels.

Let’s be honest, some of the labels that are given to us make us feel devalued, unappreciated and ugly.

After the Storm...

It was out of my disappointments, pain and wisdom learned that I birthed a passion and vision to work with women who hide their pain behind their smiles.

I share with women who experienced trauma how to use authenticity and love to add color and beauty to their lives; to realize their worth and truth.

I help women who have overcome obstacles despite the pain and are still tormented by the past. I highlight how to honor the power of your voice and coach women branded by betrayal from abandoned hope and broken relationships to heal.  

I am a WORTH Strategist, and  I facilitate live events, work with women one-on-one and online groups for women who need to know that they are beautifully made, and that truth is an absolute.

The Future

In addition, I facilitate groups to brand young men bold so they can appreciate females, be empowered, show respect, stand up for the rights of women, teach other males to do the same and become accountability partners in life, education, family, and business.

The outcome for those I work with is that I help them become a better version of themselves.

They too will be able to drop-kick doubt, sock-it to self-sabotage, embrace their truths and pursue their dreams with action.

Additionally, labels will be lost, pretense will be peeled back, and self-care will be shown by being dear to oneself. Declarations will be made, “Brand Me Beautiful” and “Brand Me Bold.”

Now it’s your turn. I want to hear more about you. Let’s work together because it’s time to know Your Brand, Your Voice, Your Worth.  Let’s brand your life from the inside out.

Perfect Harmony

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